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Jean and I installed the Miniature Fuel Valve , part #05-23330, page 156, 
Aircraft Spruce Catalog on our Velocity X/L's in  the sump tank outlet
line. This valve is safety wired in the open position and is only used to
shut off fuel in order to service fuel filter or fuel pumps. Certainly
anyone wishing to have an inflight emergency fuel shutoff at this point
could easily run a small cable within pilot's reach for EMERGENCY SHUT OFF
ONLY, which should be relatively fail safe.
A small tie wrap could be used to safety valve handle in open position and
and another small tie wrap on EMERGENCY HANDLE which would break upon
However lets consider the possiblities. 1)  I believe in the event of a
crash landing the odds of rupturing one or both main fuel tanks is much
greater than rupturing only  the sump tank or fuel lines leading to engine.
In this case EMERGENCY SHUT OFF is probably of little value. 2) A detected
inflight engine compartment fire that could not be extinguished by diving
airplane. This senario probably requires a fire detection system in engine
compartment, with further weight and complication penalties.( We mounted a
2In dia convex mirror on inboard side of first vortilon on left wing. Pilot
in flight can see if main gear is retracted and can also see left side
exhaust pipe) As previously discussed, there have been no inflight engine
fires in Velocities. Believe there was one broken oil line causing an
accident. I do not recall hearing of any inflight engine fires in any
canard aircraft. Anyone have contrary information????????
We believe most prudent safety measures are 1) Steel braided and fire
sleeve all fuel lines in engine compartment. 2) Carry a fire extingusher
and tool to break windows in cabin area.
In our experience, the more  flying time that pilots have, the more likely
they are to subscribe to the SCHOOL OF KISS.  (KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID). In
my opinion, 9 times out of 10, keep it simple is safer, cheaper and
Safe flying and comments welcome. 
Don White N19DW  X/L R/G    flying Velocities for 7 years
Jean Pudhomme, Building a new X/L, with over 1000 hours in 5 years flying