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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel system safety

>This fuel shutoff/no fuel shutoff debate still bothers me.


I have the same feelings and in fact I asked the gang a similar question
about two years ago. I have since bought the electric shutoff valve as
described by Jim Agnew, but I yet have to find a way to squeeze it in the
tight quarters we RG types have around the sump tank.

I also have provisions for an engine fire detector, but it isn't installed
yet. (Have you heard the expression "finished Velocity"?<g>). The idea is
to have a closed circuit going around the engine compartment with half a
dozen or so heat fuses placed strategically. When one of them melts, the
interrupted current releases a relay that fires the alarm.

Marion Sparrow:

you are right, but the question, as I understand, is how not to feed an
engine fire that has already erupted; hence the shutoff valve idea.

I became painfully aware of all the other fire hazzards with my crash
landing. There is nothing you can do to prevent rupturing your main tanks
in a crash and as soon as that happens, your best chance is to run for your
life - if you are able to.

Two things can get in your way: you may be incapacitated or you may be
unable to exit the cabin. The former is fate the latter may be the lack of
a suitable tool to break out. Again: Jim Agnew has told you what to take

PS: I know, Jim, it's still laying on the shelf :-(
(or what's the emoticon for "stupid me"?)

Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland