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REFLECTOR: [Fwd: [c-a] Velocity Builders]

Hi Folks,

	I responded to this person on canard-avaitors list with an old (and
long-winded) post I had from about a year ago.  Webmaster may bounce it
back for being too long.. he's done that b/4.

	Anyone else want to send him some info, he is Larry Walls,
larryw@CIO.hhsys.org, works at Huntsville AL Hospital from his email

	And my thanks also to Jim for the pics and Simon for the drawing on
Swiss retainer...tho I think 2 flatheads will do the job for me.

Jeff Barnes
XL-RG N411JB a-buildin'

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Subject: [c-a] Velocity Builders
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 01:19:07 -0500
From: Larry Walls <larryw@CIO.hhsys.org>
To: canard-aviators@canard.com

[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]
I would like to hear from any Velocity builders or owners 
about your experience with the Velocity.

Larry Walls
VEZ 1344Z