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REFLECTOR: pitch control (was ALL-PLANE CHUTES)

Dale Alexander wrote:

>I don't know. It depends if we can really get the elevator bearing issue
>squared away. But that would be a good example. What if Simon's failure of the
>bearing had happened during a high speed decent? Already nose low and moving
>along, a BRS wouldn't have done much good without elevator control to lift the
>plane in an attempt to get anywhere near a "landing" speed.

I'm not going to comment on chutes, just on the part that concerns pitch
control: I think the bearing issue is pretty much squared away. Just using
the richt type screw as to the AD will do and if you put an extra washer
over the bearing you can just about forget it.

Failure during a high speed descent: you still have the pitch trim to work
with. That is not affected by the bearing failure - and you have enough
time. My problem was that when trimmed for 80 on final and you want to add
more elevator down for the flare (you do that with the stick, not with the
trim switch, do you), and nothing happens. That gets your attention!

On a side line: the tech counselors here in Switzerland (NOT the Swiss
"FAA") cought the problem. I'll publish a sketch of their proposed remedy
on my website. I'll let you know when it's there. (Probably by the time you
guys get out of bed <g>).


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland