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Re: REFLECTOR: Teflon Tape

If you are to use silicone brake fluid (required on our older Velocity - -
new ones too?), you will find that Teflon tape will be destroyed.  If a
sealant must be used on any of the fittings, the only thing we know of that
works is RTV silicone placed onto the threads.
Joe Connally

Jack & Marilou wrote:

> I'm attaching the plumbing for my RG hydraulic system and the brake
> system (stock Toyota master cylinders).
> Should I or should I NOT use Teflon tape on the thread of each of these?
> I tho't I read somewhere that the fluids would breakdown the tape, but I
> cannot remember what system it refered to. Does anyone know the rules of
> thumb for plumbing both the RG hydraulic system and the brake system?
> Std. Elite RG
> Jack