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Re: REFLECTOR: kerosene heaters

From:           	Bill Medsker <bmedsker@netins.net>

> You guys got my attention!!! You talking about the kind of kerosene
> heaters that sit in the room of a house or the kind that I call space
> heaters. 155,000 btu's with blower's and will burn diesel fuel??? If a
> Velocity is going to delaminate mine surely must be on the list!!!

Well, there's several types of kerosene heaters we could be talking about. 
First are the wick type heaters. I have one of those in the small shop where I 
work on computers. It's very smelly (vaporized kerosene) on startup and 
shutdown. So much so, I normally preheat the - whatzit that sits over the 
wick - with a torch and shut it down outside. 

Next are the forced air, burner types, like the one I use to heat the garage 
where I'm building my Velocity. Since the spark igniter is running before the 
fan motor/fuel pump is up to speed, I suspect there's little unburned fuel at 
startup. Shutdown is another matter, since the fan and pump are still turning 
for a bit after the igniter is off. Still, the smell of kerosene is slight, even with 
kero's strong odor.

Third are salamander heaters, and unless you've got an orchard to keep 
warm, I doubt we'd be using one...

David Parrish