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REFLECTOR: Velocity and BRS Chutes

Subject: BRS chutes & pusher canards?
From: johns022@duke.edu (David S. Johnson)
Date: 2/13/99 11:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
Message-id: <johns022-1402990136470001@ip99.minneapolis3.mn.pub-ip.psi.net>

  I'm thinking about building a Velocity, and the BRS emergency chute (ala
the new Cirrus) is interesting. Talking with a company rep today at the MN
Flight Expo, he said it wouldn't be a problem for the rope leading from
the plane to the chute cords; assuming they wrapped up in the prop, it
would hold, but only lead to a nose-down attitude. Cutting the chute cords
or the chute itself would be pretty easy, though, so making sure the prop
is just windmilling would be important.

  I dunno -- having any part of the thing wrap up in the prop sounds bad.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts?



Hi David,

I am a builder of a Velocity 173 RG Elite. Our newsgroup, the Reflector (for
Velocity builders only) went through a discussion of BRS systems a while back.
The subject of catching the cord in the prop was never really discussed in any
great detail because we gave up on the BRS chute when it was pointed out that
there really isn't a place on the aircraft to really attach the chute. First
of all, they don't offer a chute that can be deployed safely at the speeds
that any Velocity is capable of. These planes can fly up to 180 knots (over
200 mph) and with a full up weight of over 2000 lbs. this is a lot of force to
absorb. Attaching to the main carry-through wing spar wouldn't be that
difficult, but the forward attach point would have to be the canard spar. We
discused how it would involve cutting a channel into the roof structure of the
aircraft and then glass over the channel with a breakaway panel of thin

All in all, I think just about everybody in the group decided that a BRS
system was not pratical at this time due to the above reasons.

I have forwarded this to our newsgroup so you may get additional responses,
and encouragement from our group too. We have a great bunch of guys/gals
building out there who are always willing to help. Hope you make the decision
to build a Velocity.

Hope this helps...

Dale Alexander