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Re: REFLECTOR: kerosene

I have used Kerosene and Propane and electric heaters in the construction of
my Velocity.  One thing I did right away is to purchase a carbon Monoxide
detector that displays parts-per-million right in the display. I have noticed
that the Kerosene heater that I had, produced over twice the CO that either of
my propane heaters does. Consequently, I hardly ever use it. 
  What works for me is Using the Propane "bullet" heater ( mini jet engine
with fan forced air) to get things started.  This will warm up the hot area in
my hangar from 40 - 70 degrees in about 15-20 minutes.  After that I shut it
off and hold the temp where I want it with one of those small tank mounted
double burner propane heaters. A small fan keeps the air circulating and keeps
the heat just where I need it. The Jet heater will just about run you out of
the place if left on.  I also have used one of those parabolic dish heaters
when doing localized layups in the open ( like the wing-winglet attach or the
layup table where I wet out the transfers) . 
   It's amazing how you end up collecting things like heaters, lights, sharp
things, abrasive things and all sorts of things while building a Velocity.
Just adds to the fun for me. 
Kurt Winker
4.3L Alum V-6 Chev