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Re: REFLECTOR: kerosene

Hi Ron,
	I bit the bullet and got a natural gas unit that puts out about
40-45000 BTU.  Keeps garage 70-80 degrees during Chicago's worst (-20)
days, has it's own chimney and does not put fumes, CO, CO2, in the
garage..just heat.
Cost about $1300 installed from Heating/Air guy, but you could probably
save half of that if you did it yourself.

Jeff Barnes

> Ron Needham wrote:
> I spoke to Brennan at Velocity how spoke to Scott about the Kerosene
> heater on and they both said that all there contacts say it does not cause any
> problems.
> Scott has used a kerosene heater before with no il effects.It does
> thou change the color
> of the sanded glass to a different shade of green and that is the only
> reason why they do not use it
> at the factory (some parts could look different from others and may
> raise questions of
> why from the customers).
> Also I did a search of the NTSB to check for any Kerosene related
> incidents an found none
> that had to do with Delimitation. I am sure that with all the builder
> out there at there has to be
> a few that used Kerosene heaters during building.So with this info I
> will go about building.
> But I am going to get a new heater maybe electric No FUMES AT all to
> worry about.
> Last note though how would you check for delimitation with out
> destruction???