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Re: REFLECTOR: kerosene

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From: Ron Needham <roncathy@ameritech.net>
To: reflector <reflector@awpi.com>
Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 10:58 PM
Subject: REFLECTOR: kerosene

I spoke to Brennan at Velocity how spoke to Scott about the Kerosene heater
and they both said that all there contacts say it does not cause any problems.
Scott has used a kerosene heater before with no il effects.It does thou change the color
of the sanded glass to a different shade of green and that is the only reason why they do not use it
at the factory (some parts could look different from others and may raise questions of
why from the customers).
Also I did a search of the NTSB to check for any Kerosene related incidents an found none
that had to do with Delimitation. I am sure that with all the builder out there at there has to be
a few that used Kerosene heaters during building.So with this info I will go about building.
But I am going to get a new heater maybe electric No FUMES AT all to worry about.
Last note though how would you check for delimitation with out destruction???
    I personally use propane.. Harbor Frieght sells a great 30,000 to 110000 BTU propane "heat devil" that burns very clean and produces little in the way of fumes. Unlike kerosene, i don't think it'll leave any residue or anything anywhere. I mean, alot of people still heat there homes with it. In any case, I live in oklahoma and the winters here are a medium cold.. When it's 20deg outside this thing heats a 600 sq ft. garage from 40 to 100 deg. in less than five minutes. Then I just turn it off till it falls to 75 or so.. My CO2 levels never reach a readable quantity either. Also, the ones home depot sells , "ready heater", they are absolute junk! I've been through two in just a few months.. If you go with propane, get the heat devil..
best luck
David Cowan