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Re: REFLECTOR: Sock it to me (Dual Throttle)

In my case (auto engine with dual throttle cams on the butterfly shaft)dual
throttles with dual cables all the way back, were  a good idea.  A little
Teflon here and there can alleviate the extra friction.  My throttle
butterfly is spring loaded closed  so if one cable breaks  I can reach
across the vegetable in the other seat and thrash the engine back up to
produce power.
I witnessed a fellow with a KR2  (V W engine) who's throttle cable became
disconnected. (He is a Tech Counselor now.) His landing was less than
glamorous in front of a tower full of FAA types. I remember an accident
report  on a Cessna that didn't have the throttle spring loaded to open .
When his cable became disconnected or broken , he didn't make the field.
They call em experimental  because we are trying to open up the envelope and
improve aviation. Keep up the good work.