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Re: REFLECTOR: Heating and bending


>I was thinking that I would like to heat about 3/4 of  the
>firewall and pull it back, and then let it cool true. My question
>is whether or not I need to pull it beyond true to avoid
>having it spring back.

>Of course I could just pull it back to true and glass it into
>place, (no heat at all) but then this part will be under stress
>and ... well it is hard to know exactly how the airframe will
>move in reaction to that stress. Maybe not at all, maybe it will

My experience with the door (remember my solar heating solution?) is that
the idea is to hold at temperature in proper configuration until the
stresses are gone.  Then when it cools it stays there.

However, it seems to me that the way to go is hold it straight and glass it
in.  You're talking very very low stresses compared to all the structure
around that bulkhead.

Al Gietzen