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REFLECTOR: Europa_Mail: Kerosene....... (fwd)]

I subscribe to several mailing lists to keep track of what is going on in
other areas of aviation endevour. While we do not require alot of workesohp
heating "down under" I thought the following of interest to the Velocity

Can' wait till S'N'F to mix it with you guys. Oh - for those that know me
and didn't get a direct mailing :-

Just to let you know that wife Rhonda underwent an emergency caesarian at
2140 hours 2/9/99 Australian EST last night at Westmead Hospital and 2nd
Officer Hayden Cameron Poole made a successful landing soon after with a
gross weight of 5lbs 1oz (pretty puny - but who needs heavy weight  pilots
to detract from your useful load!).

Mother will be hangared for a while untill vital signs recover to normal.
Thank the Lord we did not have to change projects/plans like "The Maurers"
did - what a tragedy! (um - the project not the kids!)


The Proud Dad.

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>bryan.wilkinson wrote:
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>> From: Fergus Kyle <fkyle@bigwave.ca>
>> Cheers to all, and particularly Steve G:
>>        Kerosene...... A local Recreational Aircraft Assn. (RAA)
>> homebuilder did his stuff in his barn within which he installed
>> insulation materials and kerosene heaters. His project called for
>> several layers of epoxy/glassfibre and were well and truly applied per
>> design specs.
>>        Several years later, turning final in the circuit at Hamilton
>> Intl., the aircraft was seen to dive to the surface, all hands lost. The
>> Board of Enquiry determined that serious delamination had occurred in
>> the lifting surfaces which led to a fatal loss of control. This was
>> incurred by the use of kerosene heat appliances. Apparently these often
>> deviate from correct settings and a fine mist of unburnt kerosene is
>> wafted throughout. An anethema to proper curing of epoxy, the undetected
>> kerosene sealed the fate of the aircraft years before its first flight.
>>      Anyway, that's our local experoence with the stuff. Caveat ember.
>> Happy Landings,
>> Ferg
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