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Re: REFLECTOR: Elite RG kit for sale

Hello Rich,

Great news on the little ones. You will have fun!! 
Sorry about the plane - we have also out grown our Cozy and I am
looking for a 4 place project. Do you have pictures that you can email
and what price are you asking for the kit?

Ken Reiter

At 05:00 PM 2/9/99 PST, you wrote:
>Well, after many days of soul searching, I've come to the regrettable
>conclusion that I will be selling my Velocity kit.  After nearly a thousand
>hours of building, fate has bestowed upon my family a somewhat unusual
>blessing--  My wife is pregnant with triplets.  We always planned on having
>the airplane as a "family" cross country machine, and now we are one seat
>too short.  It looks like I'm going to have to wait for Dan to start
>putting together those six-seater kits.
>Anyway, my kit is for sale.  As far as I'm concerned, it's the deal of the
>century.  I'll sell the kit for my cost, which is what the velocity factory
>has charged me, plus Travis' shipping costs.  I've completed the winglets,
>with comm antennas on each, the wings, canard, ducts, all bulkheads, entire
>hydraulic installation, nose gear, seat hard points, and an assortment of
>other small items.  Kit is a std-rg-elite.  No tools included in price, but
>I will include the custom cradle.  
>Please pass the word to those who may be looking for a kit with a huge head
>start at a 1996 price.  No, my handiwork is not the quality of Alan's, but
>then the price for my labor ($0) is pretty reasonable.
>Best of luck to those of you who's families are expanding at less than
>exponential rates!
>Rich Maurer