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REFLECTOR: Food for thought with pictures

 I have some pictures of things I have done on my 173FGE that other
builders suggested I should post so here they are.


 This is a picture of the inside of the engine bulkhead before final
tying off.  Starting from top to
 bottom & left to right.

 Top Center -

 overhead vent system, the bump is a 150 CFM bilge blower that allows
me  to pump air in or out

 Above spar -

 1) 30 amp rear ground buss
 2) fuel tank vent manifold (my own design) , L & R SS/Teflon vent
lines  to fuel tanks, center bottom SS/T sump vent, R & L blue silicone
hose  are dual vent lines.
 3) Strobe power supply

 Center of Spar -

 1) Electric fuel cut off valve (motor driven with no power required to
hold position) 1/4 second
 transfer time.
 2) center spar wire cross over bundle. (the clamps are mounted to the
center of the spar by gluing
 T-nuts pushed into a 1/4" hole in the soft face and covering with a
small piece of bid)
 3) Fuel filter water separator.

 Below spar - behind gear BH
 Boost pump and fuel flow metering

 Below spar - in front of gear BH  Sump tank


 Inside of sump tank, note fuel pick up tube at rear of tank and the
aluminum flanged fittings for screw in fittings.  The pick up tube
leaves the front cover intact and gets the fuel out line away from the
aileron controls.  Since the bottom of the tank slopes down it allows
water and crap to fall to the bottom and forward to the drain rather
than toward the outlet.


 Looking down on SS/Teflon fuel and vent line connections to main fuel
tank. The brass fitting on the fuel line is a screw in finger
strainer.   The round hole you can see near the lines is a peep hole
 through the fuselage to allow you to see the back of the tanks and


 Rear of KEEL showing the Nyflow conduits for the brake lines before
they  were routed through the  bulkheads.


 Not too clear but looking up inside the rear of the KEEL showing the
brake line conduits and the
 black sprinkler pipe wire ducts above them.


 Some of the machined parts I've made, flanged heater line CB pass
thrus,  oil separator, heat control  valve, and 304 SS flat bottom door
pin sockets (replace the round tubes)


 (standing) Aerodynamic angled tie downs (face directly into the air
flow), Fuel tank fuel line
 bushings with finger strainers, (top center) heat sink for dual
landing  light surge limiters,  U shaped  mount for bulkhead mounting
pressure senders, more SCAT duct bulkhead  pass through fittings,  the
long rod in the left is an engine centering  jig that fits inside the
Lycoming crankshaft.



// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under