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Re: REFLECTOR: Bearing AD (Duane Swing)

In a message dated 2/3/99 9:13:42 PM Pacific Standard Time,
n828cl@ix.netcom.com writes:

> > But the true problem as I see it in my mind is that
>  > the control linkage travels in a slight arc from mid
>  > position when moved anywhere from neutral.
>  Can you explain this more? The aileron torque tube should always remain in
>  straight line from the rear bracket, through the mid-keel bushing, and into
>  the front bracket. The only thing I see that moves in an arc is the
>  push-pull tube rod end at the bottom of the stick. Unless significant side
>  loads are placed on the torque tube, thereby bending it, there should be
>  only pure axial loads on the front bearing.

Hi Chuck,

This is the result of a major brain fart on my end. For the life of me, I
can't figure out where my mind was when I sent the original post. Looking at
the plans, it is obvious to all (but me) that the control torque tube DOESN'T
bend or scribe an arc. OOPS!

The bearings may still have some value as a way the eliminate the possibility
of binding due to bearing bracket mis-alignment when building. Think of them
as working in the same way as a rod end bearing would work of the control
torque tube was passed through the center. Able to take a wide range of mis-

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing.