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Re: REFLECTOR: coaxial cable - pick your expert

Al, I to have argued this point with Jim about solid conductor coax not failing,
It may not fail in his plane, it may not fail in other planes, but it sure does
fail on boats including sail boats from personal experience.  The solid
conductor is slightly better than the stranded electrically, however, I don't
think at our lengths or power levels the difference is worth worrying about.
What is worth worrying about is how much additional clamping etc. will be
required to eliminate the flopping around and flexing the cable will have to
withstand.  I'll bet a lot of Velocities are flying around with the coax laying
loose in the back of the strake.


Al Gietzen wrote:

> Marin wrote:
> >stranded only in an aircraft for long runs. I am amazed to hear Jim Weir
> said
> >solid core is OK! He must have been thinking about a special application!
> >
> I talked to Jim, told him my application; and he said "use the solid core".
> He said he has never heard of a failure in an aircraft and the solid core is
> better because the losses are lower.  And that's what he sold me.
> Pick your expert.
> Al Gietzen


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