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Re: REFLECTOR: coaxial cable

My first question would be, did they (velocity) send the coax with the
antennas? If so, they should be about10-12 feet long each (for the comm
antenna. If that is the case, I would almost have to assume that you are
trying to route your coaxes through the aft section of the wing into the
engine compartment possibly?

If this is not the case...disregard the rest of this message!

If it is the case, your coax should be routed through the leading edge in the
1" duct cut into the leading edge foam. This should leave you with about 18"
extending out of the wing root. Do not bother to cut this down close to the
wing because during removal and installation of the wing, it is nice to be
able to separate the wing from the strake a couple of feet to be able to
easily disconnect the coaxes, nav and strobe light wiring. Trying to fight
those connections through that little access hole is a real pain!

RG 58 A/U is coax of my personal choice. C/U is also equally fine. Use
stranded only in an aircraft for long runs. I am amazed to hear Jim Weir said
solid core is OK! He must have been thinking about a special application!

Most Radio Shack do carry RG-58 C/U and some even carry the 'mini' RG-8. Like
on person wrote....make sure you get the connectors made for the coax used!
trying to make RG-59 coax connectors work on RG-58 is like using #5 nuts on a
#4-40 stud!
It may look like it'll be OK, but just wait a year or two!

Safe and Speedy Construction!

Martin H.
Hadley Aircraft Services

BTW: I stock and sell only the materials I would (and do)! personally use in
an aircraft. I don't carry a large selection because a large selection is not
all that necessary! Less confusion for you, less inventory for me! Tools,
Terminals, wire, coax, coax connectors, tywraps, ty downs, lacing cord,
circuit breakers, switches, etc.!