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Re: REFLECTOR: Bearing AD (Duane Swing)


> I have told Scott that there is no good reason that I can find for extending the
> tube all the way to the opening in the top of the keel.  The bearing could be
> located on a bracket attached to both sides and the top of the keel just in front
> of the stick opening.  To fix the possibility of backward movement of the torque
> tube a simple collar in front of the mid bearing would add a lot of safety factor.

On the TopDoor, the torque tube simply terminated at the front of the console.
Apparently this location was retained even after the console was replaced with
the keel. 

Another reason for moving the bearing aft as you describe: With the bearing
just in front of the stick, there will be much less bending force on the
torque tube. This should make aileron operation slightly crisper, as well as
preventing a strong downward force on the stick from bending or breaking the
torque tube. 

I'm concerned about the latter, since in my TopDoor, passengers must climb
over the console during entry. In a worst-case scenario, a passenger would sit
on the stick, bending the torque tube, then "fix" it by pulling the stick back
up again -- all without telling me what happened. Yes I'm a worrier, but
moving the bearing aft as you suggest would eliminate that possibility. 

Dave Black