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Re: REFLECTOR: coaxial cable

If this coax is to be used for the transponder then you are limited to about 7
feet for RG58.  You can go to 17' with RG-142 which is exactly the same size as
RG58 but a lot more expensive.


Dave Black wrote:

> Ron,
> > I am having problems finding the exact cable know wicks carries it
> > but do not want to weight.
> > The cable is RG58 c/u cable will RG58 non Plenum cable be ok .
> > I found it at MC master  carr and I can get it tomorrow.
> > Radio shack only carried RG 59 would that also work?
> Important items in cable selection:
> Impedance: 50 ohm. Hence RG58 rather than RG59.
> Signal loss per foot: Lower is better. 3dB of loss = half your signal.
> Shielding braid: 100% is perfect. 95% is acceptable.
> Center conductor: Must be stranded! Solid conductor will fatigue and
>     break in a high-vibration environment.
> Weight: Bigger, heavier cable typically has less signal loss.
> For the comparatively short lengths of coax we use in aircraft, signal loss is
> not a big issue. Thus I'd suggest RG8X (Belden 9258) coax. Don't forget to
> order the proper connectors for whatever cable you choose.
> Since coax cables are a radio item, not an aircraft or hardware item, I'd
> recommend buying from a radio store such as HAM RADIO OUTLET. (800)854-6046.
> They ship from the store nearest you.
> Best,
> Dave Black
> SW RG TopDoor

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