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Re: REFLECTOR: coaxial cable

I got my cable at Radio Shack (call another one). It must be RG58 (50
ohms). Solid or stranded center connector. RST Engineering recommends
the solid center, Mark Muchado (Velocity West) recommends stranded. Take
you pick. I use solid.

Good luck,
Jack Reeder
Phila, PA
Standard Elite RG

Ron Needham wrote:
> I Ordered the antenna kit for my velocity and the coaxial cable was to
> short to
> run from my winglets all the way to the in board end of the wing .
> I am having problems finding the exact cable know wicks carries it
> but do not want to weight.
>  The cable is RG58 c/u cable will RG58 non Plenum cable be ok .
> I found it at MC master  carr and I can get it tomorrow.
> Radio shack only carried RG 59 would that also work?