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I took a peek at the bearing situation in my RG-E.  The forward bearing was
secured very nicely with two AN screws and nuts as described in the AD.
There was good overlap of the flat screw-head surface onto the outer race
of the bearing.  Being a conservative type, however, I installed a 7/8-in.
OD flat washer under each screw head, as shown by Dave Black in VV.  I even
put a dab of Locktite on the threads.

I also looked at the aft end bearing, and what I saw bothered me.  This
bearing was held in with countersink type screws, and the edge of each
screw head barely overlapped the bearing outer race.  I can believe that
this arrangement would not hold up if subjected to axial force; the thin
edge on the head of the screw would only need to deform a little bit before
the bearing could be pushed out.  Fortunately, the aft bearing is not
retaining axial load, as is the forward bearing.  However, I replaced the
countersink-head screws with the recommended AN screws anyway, along with
flat washers.