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Re: REFLECTOR: Bearing AD (Duane Swing)

I was talking with my dad about all this bearing stuff.  He is an engineer at
Sandia Labs out here.  According to the drawings I provided him, this is not
the best design of this system, but it certianly does not have a built in
failure.  The parts involved ( al else being equal) are more than strong
enough to do what they are asked. He did have a little concern about the way
the bearing screws were loaded, but said that is strictly a textbook concern
at these loads.  
   He did mention that there are bearings available that have a flange on one
side ( as ours do) and a hardened steel "C" retaining clip on the other side.
I can find out more as soon as I pull the bearing and give him the specs.  In
his work with rather large rockets, he has never seen one of these bearings
fail or loose position. 
To be honest, I am not too concerned about the current status of my front
bearing.  It has the correct screws, they are tight, and all seems well.  But
if this alternative bearing adds an extra measure of protection against having
to rebuild my bird ( or worse) I think I'll opt for it.  
   Happy building.  
Kurt Winker
173 FGE-4.3L Chev