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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp


    I am not using the same system as you are, but I have a little input on
First:  Never fly into LAX !  :)  you couldn't afford the landing fees.  There
are usually many places to fly out of where delays are a minimum.  But, they
are not unavoidable. It took me 20 minutes to get out of Prescott one day due
to traffic and delays. I too am concerned about cooling problems on the
I have extensive experience with Corvette cooling problems.  These problems
are similar to what we may run up against in the Velocity. 
-	Fiberglass holds heat in Very well. 
-	Corvettes & Velocities both have tight engine compartments. 
-	Both seem to cool just fine at cruise, but are right on the bubble or above
at 	anything less than that. 
One of the solutions in the Vette is to simply allow the hot air somewhere to
go while below cooling speeds. Some have put cooling fans in the side scoops,
and some have simply popped the hood.  This allows a rather small, but
efficient way to bleed some of that hot air out of the engine bay. It usually
ends up being just enough to get you back down below the red. Most of this
heat is generated by the Exhaust, and this may still help with a plenum cooled
   I was considering adding an exit type cowl scoop to my upper cowling ( only
if needed of course). The prop should help pull the hot air through the exit
scoop and get some circulation through the cowling.  I'm not sure anyone has
tried this yet, but it is simple, and causes no drag when up at cruise speeds.
I'll let you know how it works out.  
  Any other input in this area would be appreciated. I'd better get out to the
hangar and back to sanding.  

Kurt Winker
173 FGE-4.3L Chev