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Re: REFLECTOR: Bearing AD (Duane Swing)

>>    Scott and I have been looking at the front bearing support and are
>> working on a solution.  One of the problems that any wide area washer type
>> retainer or the reversal of the bearing in the holder, or even the
>> replacement of the countersink screws with standard flat head screws, is
>> that unless the control stick is restricted from being pulled back further
>> than the full down elevator will allow (26 degrees) the possibility of a
>> total bearing failure or the attach aluminum bracket breaking as a result
>> of constant flexing is still an issue.


I'm glad to hear the the issue is beeing addressed thoroughly. While I am
certainly in favour of eliminating single failure points whenever possible
and therefore think that the stick stopper is a good idea, I don't think
that it would have made a difference in my case.

As I am several thousend miles away from my Velocity I cannot go and check,
but I don't remember there to be any travel of the stick left when full
deflection of the elevator was reached. Besides, when would somebody want
to pull the stick back with several hundred pounds or even be able to. I
certainly wouldn't except maybe when the adrenaline is gushing because the
runway is jumping at me and the nose wouldn't come up. But by then the
bearing was ALREADY loose. Let's not confound cause and effect!

If all goes well, my Velocity should be finally moved to a shop today. Then
the bracket with the bearing will be removed and we will finally know how
it failed. I'll let you know.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland