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Re: REFLECTOR: Aluminum 1, Composite 0

>What is the date on Simon's letter?  I failed to find it in Avmail on


Jan 25. Here it is, together with the response:

                          "The Velocity lost the fight" you say about that
close encounter on the ramp
                          of Montgomery field. It may look so, but the
people inside that fiberglass
                          cocoon sure wouldn't have wanted to be in a tin
can instead.

                          You can take my word for it. I was one of them.

                          AVweb responds...

                          Maybe so, Simon, but from the looks of the
wreckage, I'd sure have
                          preferred to be in the 340. The 340 had a few
dents. The Velocity was a pile
                          of kindling. Silly me.

Busch, Editor-in-Chief

Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland