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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp

David M Parrish wrote:
> From:                   john daniel cowan <jdcowan@mail.telis.org>
> > I'm assuming the opening in the front of the keel on my RG is going to blast
> > air through the keel into the cabin on takeoff and landings, when the nose
> > gear doors are open. (they'd best be open!) I haven't arrived at any
> > wintertime solution for this yet.
> I've been thinking about that. If you could seal everything front of
> the canard bulkhead from the cabin, then the only leak point would
> be just below the nose gear pivot. If you could have some sort of
> flexable boot that seals around the gear and down to the floor and
> bulkhead, that should seal that leak.


I installed a bulkhead between the front of the canard and the top of the
Really Big Hatch. The bulkhead not only prevents the blast of air, but keeps
birds and squirrels from entering the cabin. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor