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Re: REFLECTOR: Insurance

I have been working with an insurance broker in the Chicago area since
1991 and am satisfied with the pricing I have gotten from him.  I started
out with only a Cherokee 180, then bought a twin Navion in 1992.  When
our local EAA chapter had a oresentation by Avemco, I asked about cost
for both aircraft and was told "We won't insure the Navion".

I am currently carrying All risk 1 mil (1000 ded), 100K per passenger on
the Cherokee with 25 K on the hull and all risk not in motion (1000 ded)
with 1 mil liability (excluding passengers) and 20K on the Navion hull. 
The Navion is not flying.    Annual premium $1724.  I also have 31 K 
work in progess with 10%ded (value established by records) with 1 mil
liability excluding passengers on the 173 Elite in work.  Estimated cost
for completed A/C is $700 -900 per annum,.

The broker is:  Royal Air, 12159 South Pulaski, Alsip, IL 60658-1299  Ph
708-597-0770.  Ask for William H. Piggott, and mention my name.

Lloyd L. Garner  DMO333

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:40:34 -0600 "Ron Needham" <roncathy@ameritech.net>
>I just spoke to Avemco  this morning to find out what my insurance 
>would cost, 
>if I decided to make my fixed gear 173 XL a retract and found out some 
>bad news.
>They will not insure my plane if I do not meat there requirements .
>First 500 hr total fight time this is not a lot for some but is a long 
>way off 
>for me.
>They also will not cover me with a Ivo prop or an auto engine 
>The IVO prop I could do with out but I had set out on this project 
>with the 
>idea of an auto conversion.
>They also told me there was no difference in cost from RG to Fixed 
>I thought this very strange no more charge for a more complex aircraft
>Yet they limit in areas (auto conversion) where I have not herd of any 
>of damage or insurance claims because of the conversions gone wrong.
>If any one can enlighten me on some of the other insurance company 
>that are out there that I will be able insure me Please let me know.
>I still have plenty of time before this is needed but I just like to 
>know where 
>I stand. and my options in advance
>Thank You
>Ron N34CV

Lloyd L Garner, PE    173 Elite RG    DMO333  
Retired MDC Fighter Engineer and
1952 Parks College Grad