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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp

In a message dated 1/30/99 6:11:28 PM Pacific Standard Time,
jdcowan@mail.telis.org writes:

> I'm assuming the opening in the front of the keel on my RG is going to blast
>  air through the keel into the cabin on takeoff and landings, when the nose
>  gear doors are open. (they'd best be open!) I haven't arrived at any
>  wintertime solution for this yet.  

Actually, there has been some talk about enclosing the front gear area with
what could be a removable shelf. It would provide an area to hold tools when
working in the nose gear area and seal the biggest leak (other that the torque
tube cut-outs) helping keeping the cold air leak to a minimum.

Something to consider in colder areas.

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing