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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp

>Do you want to borrow my manometer?

Yes, - and could I also borrow your airplane, please <g>.

>This seems to be a good argument for up draft cooling.   But we don't want
>to go
>back to that cooling system because we know it has worked for years.

That alone, Allan, wouldn't be an argument to me. Stone axes also have
worked for millenia. Now, as an argument against clay axes, I would accept
it. Maybe the plenum IS a clay ax.

> Besides,
>heat doesn't rise does it?  It must fall for a plentum to work good!

On the ground, you are right. The plenum prevents convective cooling. In
flight, the static pressure from the buoyant hot air is probably many
orders of magnitude smaller than the dynamic pressure from scoops and prop.

Still, I admit to have pondered the idea of throwing the plenum away. What
I don't know (haven't really looked at a baffling installation) is how you
prevent the cooling air to pick up a lot of heat from the exhaust pipes in
updraft cooling. I guess there is a way or people wouldn't have done it
that way for years.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland