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REFLECTOR: Oil Separator.& AOA indicator.

The oil separator that was in the Aircraft Spruce catalog does not work, at
least for my Lycoming IO-540 engine. Jean and I built our own separator to
replace the A/S one. Ours has an internal screen that is required to
separate oil droplets from  the air and it works perfectly as absolutely no
oil comes out the exhaust port. ( We thank a VariEze builder for this
solution)  The A/S separator has no internal screen and does not even
appear to have any internal baffles, hence cannot work.  I can provide
details to anyone wishing to build their own separator.
Yesterday I installed the Rite-Angle of Attach indicator and today flew a
calibration flight. Seems to work well, more details later.
Don White   N19DW   Whites Lightning