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Re: REFLECTOR: oil temp

>  but has anyone come up with a solution to cabin
>heating if the cooler is relocated from the nose?

I have been toying with this idea: Have two coolers in parallel, one in the
nose and one in the wingroot. Have a two-way valve that switches between
them. When it's hot, you need good cooling and no heating: wing root
cooler. When it's cold you need heating but cooling is not a problem: nose

>   I have my worries about cooling a 300 hp lyc in an XL on climbout, and am
>always listening for good/better solutions.  What I keep hearing is high oil
>temps and people throttling back to keep cyl. head temps down.  Does that
>fiberglass molded plenum system work well on 300 horses with downdraft air?

I have the plenum on my 220hp Franklin. If I have a cylinder head temp
problem it is that they are too cold (and that's on a Florida summer day!).
It is the oil temperature that kept me busy. And right: I have no idea how
people are going to get rid of all that heat from a 300hp engine without
something radically new. Any experience yet out there? The "White
Lightning" is probably doing ok in icy NY: <g>


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland