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RE: REFLECTOR: oil temp

From: 	JLNOBLE@aol.com
Sent: 	Friday, January 29, 1999 8:38 AM
To: 	reflector@awpi.com
Subject: 	REFLECTOR: oil temp

I have just removed my Franklin engine from my velocity to have a new camshaft
and the original high compression installed. So I thought now would be a good
time to replace the 1/2 inch oil lines. However, I  wonder why because the
entrance and exit holes from the by-pass valve have the same inside diameter.
To someone that does not know very much about fluid dynamics under pressure it
seem you can only move as much as will go thru the smallest openings, the ones
in and out of the by-pass valve.

The flow, with a fixed viscosity and pressure, is a function of the cross-sectional area divided by the length of any and all of the various components in the flow path.  The total pressure drop is the sum of all the pressure drops (fittings, lines, cooler, etc.).

Larry Coen

Std. RG Elite/ Franklin