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RE: REFLECTOR: Standard Stake Upper surface?

Thanks to all who responded.  
It turns out that this is not a manufacturing problem.  Just a stupid
builder problem.  I missed an obstruction which caused the symptom I
described.  I trimmed the foam properly and it is fine now.  
Thanks again, Bill

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> Subject:	Re: REFLECTOR: Standard Stake Upper surface?
> Simon Aegerter wrote:
> > 
> > But in the real world I have to tell you: it may be a bad
> > part that somehow slipped through. Call Scott!
> Bill,
> Your problem with the strake is the first one of its type I've heard
> about.
> It could easily be a delamination. Have you tried tapping around the area
> with
> a quarter? If it sounds different in the affected area, it's delaminated.
> If
> it's not delaminated, it's possible you might be able to heat it and force
> it
> back into the proper contour. But you shouldn't have to.
> I agree with Simon. 
> This is a parts problem, and you should talk to Velocity about it. 
> Best,
> Dave Black
> SW RG TopDoor