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Re: REFLECTOR: Filler--Primer

bgamm11@juno.com wrote:

> Since I'm sanding, sanding, sanding,
> I think Alan put someone on to Mar--hyde maybe he'll have time to add a
> comment.
> Bob Gammon,

Yes,  Mar-hyde Ultimate 2K is the best sanding primer for the money.

West system 105 resin mixed with their 410 microlite is the best filler.
You can use the fast 205 hardener or medium speed 206 with inexpensive 5 to 1
plunger set up they sell.
If you are having trouble with the contours I like to use a board with 4
pieces of file paper....two wide and two long.  The more coarse the grit the
truer the contour.
Only use polyester fillers like "Half Time" or "Evercoat" for very small
isolated pin holes in the very end.  Any styrene based fillers as such left
on the top surface bigger than a dime will gas out styrene in years to come
making the paint bubble up.  Never use "Nitro Stan" or other lacquer based

Alan Shaw