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Re: REFLECTOR: 9'x7' door opening vs Velocity

An RG would be a piece of cake. I did it with a 173 FG...    Bill.

lsellick@wfmail.edutech.org wrote:

> A note of interest.  How to put a 173rg elite through a 9'x7' door opening.
> Materials needed:  1. 3/16 side link chain x 36"
> 2.  (4) 1/2" flat washers .3. (2) 1/2 x 13 nuts.  4.  Duct tape.  5.  Shop hoist,
> engine lift.
> Operations:  Weld two washers together and then weld to end of side link chain.
>  Install chain on main gear pivot bolts with 1/2 x 13 nuts.  Using shop hoist
> lift aft of plane by chain.  Mark the link of the chain which gives a 45 degree
> angle of strakes to the floor.  Some padding between shop hoist boom and firewall
> might be needed.  Duct the leading edge of strake (2 plies) on pilot side.
> Remove pilot door.  Insert pilot strake into 9x7 door opening.  Start to lift
> aft of plane at 45 degrees and collapse main gear. Rotate plane so door jam
> enters pilot door opening and rotate plane into garage at a 45 degree angle.
>  Once inside level plane and release main gear.  You're there!  I hope this
> might help future builders.
>                         Larry Sellick-173rg elite