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REFLECTOR: 9'x7' door opening vs Velocity

A note of interest.  How to put a 173rg elite through a 9'x7' door opening. 
Materials needed:  1. 3/16 side link chain x 36"
2.  (4) 1/2" flat washers .3. (2) 1/2 x 13 nuts.  4.  Duct tape.  5.  Shop hoist,
engine lift.  

Operations:  Weld two washers together and then weld to end of side link chain.
 Install chain on main gear pivot bolts with 1/2 x 13 nuts.  Using shop hoist
lift aft of plane by chain.  Mark the link of the chain which gives a 45 degree
angle of strakes to the floor.  Some padding between shop hoist boom and firewall
might be needed.  Duct the leading edge of strake (2 plies) on pilot side. 
Remove pilot door.  Insert pilot strake into 9x7 door opening.  Start to lift
aft of plane at 45 degrees and collapse main gear. Rotate plane so door jam
enters pilot door opening and rotate plane into garage at a 45 degree angle.
 Once inside level plane and release main gear.  You're there!  I hope this
might help future builders.

                        Larry Sellick-173rg elite