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Re: REFLECTOR: Filler--Primer

Thanks Dave,  I called the local NAPA store but they no longer handle the
filler if they ever did at this  location,  the person I talked to didn't
seem to be familiar at all with the product.  I'll check with some of the
other auto paint stores or maybe someone else has an idea where it can be

Since I'm sanding, sanding, sanding,----------this brings up another
question ,How low can an area be to use the primer filler?  This was
mentioned some in the archives about low spots but not how low.

I think Alan put someone on to Mar--hyde maybe he'll have time to add a

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:54:31 -0600 David Brown <velcty@earthlink.net>
>At 08:42 AM 1/26/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>Looking thru the archives I see the product Marhyde mentioned quite a 
>>times but I don't know where it is obtained. If it sands like butter 
>>would be interested in trying it. Any comments appreciated.
>>173 RG Elite
>>Bob Gammon
>Most larger auto body paint supply stores have it, or can refer you to 
>store that does.
>I found some at my local NAPA store that also sells body shop 
>Dave Brown
173 RG Elite
Bob Gammon