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Re: REFLECTOR: Standard Stake Upper surface?

>I'm just fitting the copilot side strake, upper surface.  After trimming the
>edges to fit I still have a "bump" about 6 inches forward of the spar and
>about 6 inches from the outside edge.  This looks like a place where the
>mold doesn't conform to the airfoil shape.


hard to tell without looking at it. Now -

Scott are you listening?

- if I knew that Velocity had a quality control department, I could tell
you: check if you have removed the foam where it needs to be removed; check
if your baffles are all in perfect shape; check if you left a chewing gum
stick'n to it. But in the real world I have to tell you: it may be a bad
part that somehow slipped through. Call Scott!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland