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Re: REFLECTOR: Standard Stake Upper surface?

Make sure you cut out enough of the foam from the aft underside of the upper
strake.  Only glass, no foam, fits on the top of the spar.

Hope it's something easy like that,

"Schweitzer, Bill" wrote:

> I'm just fitting the copilot side strake, upper surface.  After trimming the
> edges to fit I still have a "bump" about 6 inches forward of the spar and
> about 6 inches from the outside edge.  This looks like a place where the
> mold doesn't conform to the airfoil shape.  It straightens out too early and
> doen't 'come down' to match the rest of the surface.
> Question: has anyone else seen this?  What have you done about it?
> In this case it looks like it is too far out of alignment to fix it with
> filler.
> Can I install a radar dome in this spot? <g>
> Bill Schweitzer
> std RGE
> San Jose, Ca