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Re: REFLECTOR: Insurance

>Yet they limit in areas (auto conversion) where I have not herd of any
>of damage or insurance claims because of the conversions gone wrong.

There was one in Southern California. Non fatal but expensive for the
insurance. It's debatable whether the conversion was the cause, but it WAS
an engine failure. On the other hand, you are certainly right: there have
been more engine related accidents on Velocitys involving aircraft engines
than conversions. (I know of two in AZ and one in FL).

>If any one can enlighten me on some of the other insurance company that
>are out there that I will be able insure me Please let me know.

Has anybody tried AOPA? I looked at their forms and it says somewhere
"standard certificate". I wonder if that excludes Experimentals implicitly
or they just have another (more elaborate) form for us.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland