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REFLECTOR: Insurance

I just spoke to Avemco  this morning to find out what my insurance would cost,
if I decided to make my fixed gear 173 XL a retract and found out some bad news.
They will not insure my plane if I do not meat there requirements .
First 500 hr total fight time this is not a lot for some but is a long way off
for me.
They also will not cover me with a Ivo prop or an auto engine conversion.
The IVO prop I could do with out but I had set out on this project with the
idea of an auto conversion.
They also told me there was no difference in cost from RG to Fixed
I thought this very strange no more charge for a more complex aircraft
Yet they limit in areas (auto conversion) where I have not herd of any Incidences
of damage or insurance claims because of the conversions gone wrong.
If any one can enlighten me on some of the other insurance company that are out there that I will be able insure me Please let me know.
I still have plenty of time before this is needed but I just like to know where
I stand. and my options in advance
Thank You
Ron N34CV