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Re: REFLECTOR: Interiors

>I just received the factory fabric samples for their interior kit.  Although
>it seems fine, it is all the same type of fabric, just in different colors.
>There is also no different fabric for the headliner. I would like some input
>on any experiences with the factory upholstery option (I have a 173 FGE).


I don't know if they still sell the same material they did 3 years ago when
I got mine. I got a grey carpet with a thin black foam lining on the back.
Nice and soft material and the flame test went reaonably well. However: it
discolors rapidly. The first layer on the roll was yellow when I wanted to
use it and it was never exposed to direct sunlight. How it will fare in the
plane we shall see.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland