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Re: REFLECTOR: High oil temps

>The question was raised by two flying Franklin's about cost, the need of
>periodic replacement, and the abrasives of #10 SS in the duct between
>the bulkheads.

I really don't see why teflon tubing would need to be replaced
periodically. I have never heared of Teflon getting brittle. Have you?

The abrasiveness of the steel braides can be checked by encasing the
airquip hose in shrink wrap.

>The other question is aluminum vs. SS fittings. I have found that
>"Automotive speed shops" offer a big selection of "blue AN aluminum
>fittings". Where can SS fittings be found?

I found my SS fittings at Amazon Hose and Rubber in Tampa. They are also in
Chicago and Miami, I understand. I guess Jim Agnew will give you the phone
number. Ask for Bill Hippy. Don't tell him you want the same stuff he sold
to Simon. He will remember the latter but not the former.<g>


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland