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Re: REFLECTOR: Interiors

Kurt, I think you have seen my notes about the Chestnut Ridge seat foam and I
purchased surplus aircraft leather full hides (52-55 sq. ft each) for $100 each
from B&B Aircraft Supply.  It will take about 3 hides to do the Elite seats,
however, I would buy 4 to be sure.  The foam cost about $250 and a local boat seat
upholster is charging me $150 per seat to upholster them.


NMFlyer1@aol.com wrote:

> I just received the factory fabric samples for their interior kit.  Although
> it seems fine, it is all the same type of fabric, just in different colors.
> There is also no different fabric for the headliner. I would like some input
> on any experiences with the factory upholstery option (I have a 173 FGE).
>    What I think would look best, is to use that imitation leather (forgot the
> name), for the seat bolsters, and a complimentary fabric for the seat inserts.
> Yet another
> "headliner type" material of complimenting or matching color used up top, with
> carpet and side panels that match the overall scheme.  I have done quite a bit
> of upholstery work (enough to know I don't want to spend my time doing these
> seats from scratch) and would like to hear some input.
>    One problem is the tight fit of the elite seats, and getting the foam
> buildup right so that they are comfortable, and fit correctly.
> Thanks for the help.
> Kurt Winker
> 173 FGE- 4.3L V6

// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under construction