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Re: REFLECTOR: High oil temps


My Franklin arrived last week. I agree with you on the need for 5/8"
from the cooler to the engine. The other question is the need for a
second cooler. I have been going back and forth with the Franklin group
on making the transition between 1/2" and 5/8" tubing, #8 and #10 hose,
3/8" and 1/2" pipe, and the need for a second cooler. There is one
interesting question that you raised and it's this: Should the line be
#10 SS hose from the engine to the cooler or a combination of 5/8"
aluminum from the cooler to the engine bulkhead and #10 SS to the

The question was raised by two flying Franklin's about cost, the need of
periodic replacement, and the abrasives of #10 SS in the duct between
the bulkheads. 

The other question is aluminum vs. SS fittings. I have found that
"Automotive speed shops" offer a big selection of "blue AN aluminum
fittings". Where can SS fittings be found?  

James F. Agnew wrote:
> I would strongly recommend 5/8" lines to the oil cooler.  I don't believe
> that increasing them over that size will make a significant difference since
> there is a limit to the heat rejection rate for the cooler.  Reducing the
> number of fittings used will make a difference since each fitting is a
> restriction.  I used #10 SS/Teflon hose and have only 4 fittings, two engine
> & two cooler.  I also used SS fittings which are stronger than aluminum
> (strongly recommended on the engine end).  My hoses use professionally
> crimped on fittings which have somewhat larger internal passages than the
> screw on removable types.
> Jim
> Bill Medsker wrote:
> > After re-reading all of discussion's on oil cooler''s and lines I'm
> > still not sure if there is any one best way. Seems like going to the
> > 5/8ths lines helps the most. Wondering if using 3/4" lines would help
> > any. I realize that the inlet and outlet connectors will be the limiting
> > factors in the flow of oil and  at some point bigger lines will not
> > help. I went to alot of time and work putting the oil cooler on the left
> > side in my 173 FG and would sure like to use it.
> >
> > Bill Medsker
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