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REFLECTOR: Interiors

I just received the factory fabric samples for their interior kit.  Although
it seems fine, it is all the same type of fabric, just in different colors.
There is also no different fabric for the headliner. I would like some input
on any experiences with the factory upholstery option (I have a 173 FGE). 
   What I think would look best, is to use that imitation leather (forgot the
name), for the seat bolsters, and a complimentary fabric for the seat inserts.
Yet another
"headliner type" material of complimenting or matching color used up top, with
carpet and side panels that match the overall scheme.  I have done quite a bit
of upholstery work (enough to know I don't want to spend my time doing these
seats from scratch) and would like to hear some input. 
   One problem is the tight fit of the elite seats, and getting the foam
buildup right so that they are comfortable, and fit correctly.   
Thanks for the help. 
Kurt Winker
173 FGE- 4.3L V6