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Re: REFLECTOR: High oil temps

I would strongly recommend 5/8" lines to the oil cooler.  I don't believe
that increasing them over that size will make a significant difference since
there is a limit to the heat rejection rate for the cooler.  Reducing the
number of fittings used will make a difference since each fitting is a
restriction.  I used #10 SS/Teflon hose and have only 4 fittings, two engine
& two cooler.  I also used SS fittings which are stronger than aluminum
(strongly recommended on the engine end).  My hoses use professionally
crimped on fittings which have somewhat larger internal passages than the
screw on removable types.


Bill Medsker wrote:

> After re-reading all of discussion's on oil cooler''s and lines I'm
> still not sure if there is any one best way. Seems like going to the
> 5/8ths lines helps the most. Wondering if using 3/4" lines would help
> any. I realize that the inlet and outlet connectors will be the limiting
> factors in the flow of oil and  at some point bigger lines will not
> help. I went to alot of time and work putting the oil cooler on the left
> side in my 173 FG and would sure like to use it.
> Bill Medsker


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