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REFLECTOR: Panel Rocker Switches

I have installed rocker switches in my panel that look quite nice on our
They are the same ones you see from Gulf Coast, East Coast, Pacific Coast
These are also the ones in Jean's XL Sun N Fun Champion plane.

They are in fact Honeywell switches found on the web at...

Select the AML 34 rocker switches. (requires Adobe Acrobat)

You will also find some other nice switches here at this site.

If you are lining a bunch of rocker switches side-by-side, check into their
prefabricated metal "egg shell" style cases. They made one for me. Really
nice. Reasonable price.

I ordered all of these items thru Newark Electronics. (Rocker switches
@$19-20 each) (Plastic rocker caps $1.50 each)

Most engraving shops can easily engrave legends on these caps.
I know a place in Fla. that does these caps for aviation uses. I can give
you the name if need any done.

I hope someone might find this info useful.

Dave Brown