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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Reflector: Visqueen rolls.

Here is all the trivia you never wanted to know about the plastic films from a
Velocity builder that used to work in the Saran plant at Dow Chemical.

The Handiwrap  is  polyethylene,   Glad Wrap I believe is also polyethylene. 
These will work better because they are thin, stretch quite a bit, and do not
split and tear as easily.

Reynolds Plastic Wrap is the (PVC) polyvinyl chloride. This stretches quite a
bit also.  It should act similar to polyethylene.

Saran is a poly vinylidene chloride.  The stuff you buy in the grocery store
is 0.46 mills. The Saran is much stronger than the other wraps but it splits
and tears easier because it has a higher molecular weight, and it is oriented
when it is produced.

Hey, like I said, trivia.  But I've finally gotten in on the dialog.

Bob Trent 
173FG Elite    80% airframe done - 80% to go!